Terms and Agreements

Welcome to Playpark and associated website (referred to as "Sites" in this agreement). Please read agreements and conditions carefully before using Sites or register Playpark ID (referred to as "PlayID" in this agreement) or any services associated to these Sites. Sites are owned and operated by Asiasoft Corporation PCL. (referred to as "Service Provider" in this agreement). "You" are the person or entity using the Sites and/or PlayID (referred to as User in this agreement).

By using this Site, or using associated service, please read "Terms and Agreements" and click "I accept registration conditions" to accept agreements. If you do not agree to these Terms, you do not have permission to use the Sites and/or PlayID.

Asiasoft Corporation PCL. Reserve the rights to change, edit, add, or remove part of agreements and conditions without prior announcement. If any future changes to these Terms are unacceptable to you, you must discontinue use of the Sites and/or PlayID immediately without any arguments.

Additional Terms and Agreements

1. You agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted by PlayID registration process. Service Provider have all rights to revoke PlayID which found registered with untrue information and User agree to accept in damage and/or any damages that may occur from untrue or other personal information without any relation to Service Provider.

Any information that User registered to Service Provider and/or any service information is belong to Service Provider and User agree to let Service Provider reveal User’s information and/or service information to government when requested.

2.User agree and accept that any information that Service Provider mark as important will not be able to be changed after registered.

3.User agree to accept and follow Service Provider’s rules, directions, manners. If Service Provider found that there is a violation in rules, directions or manners, User agree to let Service Provider cease User’s PlayID and/or any service under PlayID without prior notice to User.

4.For the safety of PlayID user, user need to keep ID and password in a safe place without telling any other person. User agree that if ID and/or Password has been lost/stolen by any other person, it is the sole responsible of user and Asiasoft has already used adequate method of security to prevent such cause. User agree to accept such damage (including but not limited to damage from stolen, fraud, traded item) at all cost and will not request any indemnification from Asiasoft in any way.

5.Giving ID and/or password to any other person is strictly prohibited including co-using and selling ID to other person.

6.User accept and agree that registered PlayID and items are properties of Asiasoft which User received from playing, in-game trading, event and activities both in and out of the game, item traded from any cash card are only the right to use those things with specific period, it’s not that User got to own those things. User agree to let Asiasoft revoke and/or block access to those items and/or ID without any objection.

7.User cannot use granted service against any other person’s privacy including against the law or tradition and moral. In case there is any damage occur, User agree to let Asiasoft revoke access to PlayID and User will not be able to access any game that is under service of PlayID too. User agree to accept any cost caused by damage by their own without any relation to Asiasoft at any cost.

8.Asiasoft have all rights to block or revoke any PlayID any time without prior notice to User. In order that User haven’t login to PlayID service or any game under PlayID service for 1 year (12 months), Asiasoft have all rights to revoke User’s PlayID without prior notice to User.

9.Any game’s agreement under PlayID service is part of this agreement and if there is any contrast between the 2 agreements will render it void and the subject in this agreement will be in effect.

10.Any register for online game under PlayID service from Asiasoft is under effect of this agreement.

11.User understand and accept conditions in this agreement and User will not request for any indemnification from any damage that might occur from Asiasoft in any ways and/or PlayID has been revoked and/or blocked and/or any game ID under Asiasoft service has been blocked.

12.In case that User has been blocked from any servicing game or any game ID under PlayID service in both permanent or non-permanent, User will not request for any indemnification from cash card value that User charged and/or any damage from not being able to access any items/ID that has been blocked, any valuable that can be traded from items and/or any damage from ID being blocked in any cases.

13.Asiasoft has all rights to edit, change any or all of the license agreement or revoke the service without prior notice to User.

14.User accept and agree to let Asiasoft temporary revoke PlayID that is under examination case of cash card, examination of rule violation and/or game rule until such examination finished.

15. In the event that the relevant law, The various departments of the state , government officers, the court determined that Asiasoft requires to disclosure information of user Play ID. Users agree and consent for Asiasoft to disclose such information and User agreed not to claim any damages that arise or may arise from Asiasoft